windenburg: blaire qiu
moonwood mill: lorna schmitt
spy x family: alice desmond
jujutsu kaisen: risa tadamori
milgram: ada
patient zero
tarot cards
dream entity
high school renegade
16 chinese
she he
star sign scorpio
rogue werewolf
19 irish
she her
star sign aries
unethical experiment
15 german
they she
star sign capricorn
jujutsu sorcerer
16 japanese
they nix
star sign leo
exists ???
??? ???
they she
star sign ???
shut-in tendencies
Having recently moved to Windenburg with her workaholic mother, Blaire finds it difficult to fit in with her more toned-downed peers - especially when her delinquent reputation has followed her from her hometown. Fortunately, it seems there's a club tailored exactly to her needs.
Despite being a werewolf pup, Lorna has already begun making waves (derogatory) in Moonwood Mill; whether that's because of her poorly-controlled rage or her tendency to start fights with far stronger vampires. She lives by herself on a largely abandoned lot with her dog, and works as a small-time actor.
As an imperial scholar who only seems to keep rising in the ranks, Damian's reclusive older sister Alice sees no reason to come out and interact with her family members, rather than isolate herself with her studies. This is in no small part due to the fact that she's an impostor; a shapeshifting experiment who stole the real Alice's place a year ago, and is terrified of being found out.
Thankfully, the only person who knew Alice Desmond well enough to tell the difference between the two is Damian, and she's confident he's not a problem.
Chronologically, Alice was the first patient in the experiment, and one of the most successful. Their cells have a highly different makeup to that of a human's to allow for shapeshifting. They never interacted much with Anya, by virtue of her being the seventh and accidental experiment, but consider her something of a failure.
Risa is a semi-first grade sorcerer completing their second year of study at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Their eccentric chuuni personality is strange and offputting to their peers, but they manage to cover for it with hard work and the unique way they utilise their technique. (Just barely.)
Risa carries a hereditary psychometry-like curse that allows nix to 'see' things. As a child, it terrified them; worse because no one believed them when they described their visions. In response, nix acted out at school and began to hang out with other delinquent outcasts. Their mother was on the verge of committing them to a psychiatric ward when they were discovered by jujutsu sorcerers and taken to Jujutsu High.
Ada, if that is their real name, is an entity who only exists in the dreamscape. Thus, Milgram's inhabitants can only meet them when they are sleeping or otherwise unconscious. They claim to know the secrets of Milgram's existence, as well as having attained a way to escape. However, if that's the case - why do they still wear restraints?