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A boy kills his parents at the same time two shapeshifting criminals steal their identity. However, the aftereffects of their transformation renders them injured and in need of time to recover. Neither the boy nor the criminals can say a word without exposing their own crimes - and thus, embark on slightly uncomfortable misadventures in attempting to live together; all of them trying to get away with it.

Get Away With It 1 takes place in 2003, in some American town (idk anything abt america). It features fifteen-year-old Isaac Barrera as the irritable and lonely protagonist, and the two (UNNAMED RN) shapeshifters as the deuteragonists.


A small island community and the elite boarding school that dominates its foggy moor are rocked in the wake of a student's grisly death. Star student Abby Cheng attempts to uncover the truth of what happened, but finds herself constantly blocked by the school's shady students, and the even shadier faculty. All the while, the killer is still hiding somewhere on the island - and they're determined to get away with it.
Also, vampires.

Get Away With It 2 takes place in 1998, somewhere in Britain (idk anything about britain). It features sixteen-year-old Abigail Cheng as the protagonist and narrator, Nate Whitwood as the victim, Peggy Hollows as Abby's cowardly best friend, and Keagan Redlock as the victim's teammate.



Mika Matsumoto is a 19-year-old art student who is suddenly transported to the Devildom one day, for its new exchange program with the other two realms. They take to their new role as an exchange student with mild indifference; bonding with the six brothers who they find themselves staying with on the way (and also acting as their therapist at times). However, certain matters - such as the demon-worshipping cult their deceased mother was part of, as well as the mysterious seventh brother trapped in the house's attic - complicate things. To say the least.

Meanwhile, prolific demon fashion designer Camille, who clawed her way up from the dregs of Devildom society to her coveted position, spends her time being an icon, photographing Mammon for Majolish, and pissing Lucifer off with her flagrant disregard for the uniform policy.


Teenage private devil hunter Kaname Kato keeps getting their kills stolen by some tentacle-wielding weirdo who insists they're childhood best friends. As Kaname can't recall anything of the sort, they've resorted to just kicking him in the shins whenever he shows up. Their arc involves a lot of questions about whether it's better to forget the painful, the fear of being watched, and the inevitable changes and things you have to let go of that come with growing up. It's always morally okay to die horrifically in front of your ex-best friend.



Obligatory apology.

Lake Knight Orionne of the Knights of Favonius is a near-worshipped figure in Mondstadt. She's the captain of the Knights' Second Company, Diplomacy, as well as a fixture of the performing arts. Though she hails from Fontaine, she's managed to gain the adoration of Mondstadt's citizens in a remarkably short amount of time; no doubt in part due to her childhood friendships with Jean and Diluc.
Still, there's something not quite right about the second Masterless vision on her hip - as well as the sudden disappearance of her older sister, Juno, when she was twelve.
Not that anyone's ever dared to ask about it.

In Liyue, few are unaware of the name of Yujing. The reclusive healer is renowned for her ability to cure any illness, heal any injury; all free of charge. Still, holding steady while under her oppressive gaze is price enough to pay for her services. Yujing has publically stated that she wishes to receive no compensation nor recognition for her works, as her only desire is to make sure no citizen of Liyue, particularly the vulnerable, ever suffers like she did as a child from illness.
The only person she ever meets regularly with is Doctor Baizhu, her contemporary, with whom she exchanges notes. Baizhu's fascination with immortality due to his disease is guilt-inducing for her, as she was once in his position. 'Yujing' is in reality the adeptus Liuxing, who ascended to her immortal status after being saved as a sickly child by Rex Lapis.
While she can't quite do the same for Baizhu, she still tries to help him with his search for immortality in any way she can.
Liuxing retreated from Jueyun Karst and the other adepti about fifty years ago, out of a desire to live closer to humanity and thus help them better.

It's a wonder how the lackadaisical young Captain Dmitri even managed to attain his position in the Fatui ranks. When one looks for him, he's always napping in a spot of sunlight or trying to catch fish with his bare hands; ignoring his duties with the utmost flippancy. Pierro, who took him under his wing as his direct subordinate, is especially displeased by it. Where is the ambition that caught his eye? Where is his RAGE?! The First Harbinger sends him to work under Scaramouche for a while, acting as his bodyguard; in the hopes that the Balladeer's trademark poor personality would whip Dima into shape. Unfortunately, Scaramouche decides to defect from the Fatui with Ei's Gnosis two minutes later, and Dima - who's too lazy to say no - just goes along with it.

Finally, there's the child of Rhinedottir's old friend. Yuyu is a Liyuean messenger, rapid as wildfires in their deliveries. They are a person of few words, and never use them to speak of their adoptive mother, nor of their artificial brother(s) - despite their artificial brother's attempts to speak to them. They desire only to be just like the guardian yaksha one day, and wield a polearm just like him.




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